Documentary a Day – Six mini-reviews

Documentary a Day – Six mini-reviews

2016. Stacy & Jason 4/5

We saw the new version, which was updated for the Cavs win.  The first version was filmed before the Cavs victory and that would have been just outright depressing.  It was fun to relive the victory and all the celebrations – good times.  I thought the film went a little overboard on trying to make Cleveland look bad as it basically showed every negative event of the last 50 years.   Just think how torturing the Indians World Series loss would have been if the Cavs had not won.

2013. 1 hour 32 minutes.  Stacy & Jason 4/5

This was a fascinating look at JFK’s final day.  This is not a conspiracy movie, but it just lays out the timeline of events.  While I thought I knew the story fairly well, there were several details that I didn’t know.  1) JFK was in Dallas because he needed Texas in the next election and he took Jackie to help because he was not well liked there. 2) They originally arrest Oswald for shooting a police officer in a movie theater and it takes them a little while to realize he’s the suspected assassin. 3) Oswald was taken to the same hospital and pronounced dead by the same doctor as JFK. 4) Texas refuses to release the body at first because the investigation was not yet closed.


2015. 1 hour 46 minutes. Stacy 3/5, Jason 3.5/5

This chronicles four friends horseback journey from Mexico to Canada.  If that wasn’t hard enough on its own, they decide to make the trek with wild mustangs.  They purchase the wild horses from the Nevada park service and it takes a few months to train the mustangs.  I wasn’t aware that wild horses were actually a population problem for the park service. So to reduce the population many horses are rounded out and put into camps where they can be purchased.  For people that enjoy or are interested in horseback riding or big adventures, this film is for you.


57 minutes. Stacy 3.5/5

Running a marathon is hard, ridiculously hard.  But there are people that push themselves to even further extremes. Enter ultra marathons that can be 50 or 100 miles or more. This film is about one woman’s goal of running a famous U.S. nature trail, the Long Trail that’s 273 miles. This is a testament to human endurance and will power.

Vegucated (film).jpg2011. 1 hour 16 minutes. Stacy 4/5, Jason 3.5/5

Ever think about going vegan? Probably not, but if you’re interested this is a good crash course about the rational and the lifestyle.

2015. 1 hour 16 minutes. Stacy 3.5/5, Jason 3/5

While this film points out many of the problems our country faces such as income inequality, political campaign finance, and business running government it fails to offer many solutions.  I felt it also used numerous half truths that distorted history in my opinion. The topics are important and interesting but I thought it was a little extreme with conspiracy theories.


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