Documentary a Day – One in a Billion

Documentary a Day – One in a Billion

One in a Billion Poster2016. 1 hour 9 minutes.  Jason & Stacy 3/5

Escaping poverty is incredibly difficult no matter where you’re born.  In most countries, your best chance to improve your station is to study relentlessly and get into a quality university.  It’s no different in India.  What is different, however, is that most parents discourage many other activities in favor of focusing entirely on school.  Sports are generally considered a waste of time.  Maybe they’re  right and we devote way too much time and energy to sports.

This film follows one kid’s journey from rural India to the NBA draft as he becomes the first India born player to be drafted.  Despite being 7 foot 2, it’s still a long and challenging road for Satnum Singh.  He’s discovered by an NBA sponsored scout that goes to India in hopes of expanding the league into India just like they did with Yao Ming in China.  The scout finds Satnum, who is already 6 foot 6 at 13 years old and who has a dad that is over seven feet tall.  Next Satnum is offered a scholarship to IMG Academy in Florida, which is one of the top prep schools in the U.S.  So at 13, Satnum leaves his family and friends and moves to a new country where he doesn’t even speak the language.  While the movie does drag on at times, one thing I loved was Satnum’s determination.  He works hard, really hard and never complains.  His hard work pays off when Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks selects him in the draft and he becomes a hero in his country.       


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