Documentary a Day – Marwencol

Documentary a Day – Marwencol

MARWENCOL poster 72dpi.jpg2010. 1 hour 23 minutes.  Stacy 3.5/5 & Jason

Written by Stacy

What an odd documentary.  We had no idea what this was about but checked it out of the library on the Facebook recommendation by a friend.  Mark was attacked by five men in 2000 and spent nine days in a coma and over a month in the hospital. He had suffered so much brain damage that he had to learn everything over again, including eating. walking and writing.  When his free therapy ran out he turned to creating a miniature town in his backyard.  He was an artist before the beating but he was no longer able to draw so he turned to creating a WWII town with dolls and telling their stories through pictures.

The pictures and Mark’s story were interesting and at times disturbing.  This one definitely takes you to a place you’ve never been before!

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