Documentary a Day – Food Inc

Documentary a Day – Food Inc

Food inc.jpgFood, Inc. 2008. Jason and Stacy both rate it a 4/5

Written by Stacy

This movie is old by documentary standards.  It shows the industrial production of meat side by side with the more humane organic way (yep, making a judgement here).  It also goes into industrial farming versus those farmers trying to do it the organic way (made more and more difficult each passing year that Monsanto and the like throw their considerable money and influence around).  It did go into the big money influence in Washington DC and the food labeling laws that 90% of Americans want but lobbyists kill with money.  I am not a newbie to the truth found  in the documentary, but I did learn a few things.

The movie is daunting.  When you begin to realize what’s in your food, even seemingly safe things like tomatoes, you get mad and want to do something.  Then you look into it and realize the enormity of the fight.  Big business has taken over our food supply.  I don’t think that anyone is surprised that killing animals for food is not the easiest thing to watch, but it may make you consider organic.  I knew there was a reason to buy grass fed beef and this movie clarified that and many other things that I’ve known so long I may have forgotten why.

If you eat food you should watch this.

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