Documentary a Day – Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Documentary a Day – Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (film).jpg2010, 1 hour 37 minutes, Jason 4/5 , Stacy 4.5/5

Written by Stacy

Aussie Joe was over 300 pounds and on many medications for a number of disorders.  He was fat, sick, and nearly dead.  He decides to take control of his life so he comes to the United States, his second home, to juice his way across America.  Convinced of the healing powers of a plant based diet and wanting a body reset he uses his commitment touch others.  This was no small commitment either.  He spends 60 days on a juice diet with great success.

At this point it was informational, interesting, and completely in line with all of the other food documentaries we’ve watched this month, but it wasn’t until we meet Phil that it became inspirational.  Phil is depressed and reaches out to Joe after he gets back to Australia.  The two had met at a truck stop when Joe had been filming his juicing journey and had given Phil his number in case he decided to do something about his health (they shared an autoimmune disease).  Joe came back to the US to get Phil on the road to health.  It was uplifting and encouraging.  So encouraging that I will be adding a juicing piece to my next thirty day challenge.

There is a Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 that I’m sure we will watch.  It might not happen this month since I think we have watched four or five healthy food documentaries this month and at this point we only want to eat salads. Okay, okay, only Jason is eating salads I’m storing up fat and sugar for next month when I follow Joe’s advice and juice for a week.  Just ordered my juicer!




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