Documentary a Day – David Blaine: What is Magic?

Documentary a Day – David Blaine: What is Magic?

David Blaine: What Is Magic? Poster2012, 45 minutes. Stacy 3/5 & Jason 3.5/5

Written by Stacy

Jason was going to write this one but he’s sick and we’re getting behind in the reviews.  I hesitate to call this a documentary because it is only 45 minutes and really didn’t offer much insight to the premise of the title.  Indeed, we found it under the documentaries on Netflix so this shorty counts!

Blaine goes around to different areas of the country with all sorts of people showing of his mad magician skills.  It was probably the locales and people he chose that made this film work since it added so much diversity and entertainment.  He did a trick with money, some with cards and, for some unknown and seemingly unrelated to the rest since there was no real audience for it, he took a bullet to the mouth.

It was fun but the tricks did get repetitive, even at 45 minutes, and it was the colorful people that kept it fun.

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