Documentary a Day – CT Fletcher

Documentary a Day – CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession Poster2015, 1 hour 41 minutes.  Jason 4/5, Stacy 3.5/5

Written by Jason

Are you feeling bad for spending too much time on the couch?  Not working out as much as you want? Then this documentary might be just what you need.   But be forewarned, CT really enjoys cursing.  CT became famous on YouTube.  I think his intensity, honesty, and personality really come together in a way that’s kind of infectious.  At first you’ll think he’s ridiculous and then he will start to grow on you and by the end you’re ready to head for the gym or tackle whatever challenge you’ve been putting off in your life. 

CT had a difficult childhood growing up in Watts California when the riots were taking place.  To escape the mayhem of Watts, his family decided to move to a better neighborhood, Compton.  And if things weren’t bad enough on the streets of Compton, CT’s father was also physically abusive.  CT goes on the beat the odds and works for the postal service for many years and on the side he devotes himself to weight lifting.  He then goes on to become the strongest man in the world and he’s sets several world records for the bench press and curling.  Then while he’s still in top form he suffers a heart attack and doctors tell him he should never lift weights again.  His journey back to health takes many years and it also costs him his job and his house.  The postal service fires him after his disability time is exhausted.  CT hits rock bottom and then rebounds.  CT’s goal in the movie is to open his own gym and some of the story revolves around that.  However, CT’s story is much more than weight lifting, it’s about surviving adversity and reaching your goals no matter how improbable they may seem.  He has a hard work and no excuses philosophy that will make you think you can do anything.  Here is one of his clips.

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