A Book A Day, Day 26 – Discovering Ohio

A Book A Day, Day 26 – Discovering Ohio

In Ohio seasons are theatrical.  Each one enters like a prima donna, convinced its performance is the reason the world has people in it. –Beloved, Toni Morrison


Yesterday was a busy day so I chose my last short book, Discovering Ohio by Barbara Shangle. I’ve had this in my unread stack for years, at least since 2008 when I started taking a yearly picture, so it’s good that I finally got around to reading it.  I think, the problem for me at least is that when you read something about a place that you know and love you are overly critical.  The pictures were great and I do like how the author tried to paint a picture of Ohio through the years, all the way back to when white settlers came here, but she made a choice not to focus on the cities which I think does a major disservice to the state.  Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland are top 50 cities in population. I know from living in Cleveland just how much history there is here.  Yes, Ohio is full of farms and mining and industrial places, but that is really only half of the picture.  Reading this I think you’d get a fairly one-sided picture of the state.

What’s it about– It’s a gift book for Ohioans.  Pictures and history combine for a easy to read story of Ohio.

What did I learn– Ohio started the nation’s first unemployment compensation program and the first nature conservancy.

Who would like it – Ohioans that want a little history with some pretty pictures.

I’ve already started reading Harlan Coben’s latest and reading it is pretty much all I want to do today!

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