A Book a Day, Day 14, Dear Almost

A Book a Day, Day 14, Dear Almost

“Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.”  – Plato


Thank goodness that Dear Almost by Matthew Thorburn arrived in the mail on Monday because I really needed something short yesterday.  After volunteering, I bought a new kitchen table, had lunch with Jason, blogged while Gage played with a therapist who has known him since he was two, made dinner and then headed to my first PTA meeting (where I volunteered to help with the yearbook :)). By the time I got home I was able to see the last hour of the America’s Got Talent finale and STILL finish a book. Woo hoo!  I’ve already met with a painter this morning, but after I post this it’s straight to reading since I have 300 pages to finish before book group tonight.  This challenge is keeping my days full, for sure.

I accepted this book as part of a book tour and will be doing a more formal review on my book blog next month. When I do I will link to it on this post.

What’s it about – I am not a poetry reader but when Serena contacted me and told me that it was a father’s poem to the child his wife miscarried I knew I had  to read it.  Jason and I suffered through a miscarriage when I was 36 and at the time it felt like something that no one talked about. Or maybe it’s just that you feel so isolated and alone and unsure about what you are supposed to feel.  I felt all of those things when I read this beautiful poem.

What did I learn – No two people grieve the same way.

Who would love it – Poetry lovers, of course, and those struggling to cope with the loss of a child.



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  1. This sounds like a book I should read. In our journey to have a child I’ve written our almost children many times. On what should’ve been our twins due date I wrote a letter to them then as well. There’s something cathartic about it.

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