A Book a Day, Day 8, The Croquet Player

A Book a Day, Day 8, The Croquet Player

“Our true nationality is mankind.”  – H.G. Wells


Yesterday, day 7, I found a little internal resistance to the challenge.  I couldn’t seem to motivate myself to pick anything up.  I’m listening to a book in the car (it’s just okay),  I picked up some playaways at the library but I haven’t started any, and I need to read a BIG book for book group next week and I’m just not feeling it. For the first time I didn’t dual post here and on my book blog and that may happen again today. Our house is torn apart with no end in sight and I have a trip and birthday party to plan and wall colors and vanities and furniture to choose.  I’m feeling stressed by taking so much time out each day to read. I’ll let you know tomorrow if that gets better.

I decided to choose the shortest book in my stack by an author I love.  The Croquet Player by H.G Wells was perfect. It was quick, fun, and discussion worthy.  At only 98 pages how could I lose?

What’s it about – A modernish day ghost story, published in 1937.  A croquet player minding his own  business, is approached by a doctor who dumps this crazy story of evil on him.

What did I learn – I learned that certain people, back in 1937 at least, used to care quite a lot about croquet.

Who would love it – Anyone who loves H.G. Wells and anyone looking for a fun spooky read for Halloween.  It made me want to read more Wells.  I’ve missed him.

My favorite quote – “Reading crowds the memory and prevents one thinking.”  hahaha!

Don’t you love the old edition I have?  No idea how I acquired it but it’s beautifully done inside using the same illustration on the cover on a full page between each chapter.


4 thoughts on “A Book a Day, Day 8, The Croquet Player

  1. Yes, we totally renovated our house in Austin before we sold it in 2011. Months and months of it. I read not so much and watched TV show after TV show. What about reading a few of Gage’s ‘state’ books or watching a movie adapted from a book, like Sense and Sensibility or Clueless. Just saying…

    1. Thankfully we are not doing huge renovations. One bathroom completely but 3 rooms just wallpaper removal and paint. We just can’t seem to agree on paint colors 🙁 And we’ve been without a kitchen table since July so I need to go back out and find one that we can both agree on. Sigh. Jason and I are going to Boston in a few weeks so I have that to look forward too.

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