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A Month of Letters Challenge

A Month of Letters Challenge

I’m piggybacking on an existing challenge this month that loosely falls into my goals for a healthy year.  The more I read about longevity the more I realize how important relationships and community are, so I’ve joined A Month of Letters.  I was first introduced to this challenge by a fellow book blogger, Care, years ago and always look forward to my February postcard 🙂  I decided to join in this year because it fits nicely with my broad goals.

Last year I wrote letters of appreciation to people I admired, but not people I knew.  This month I’ll be sending people I know something in the mail.  Maybe it will be a letter, a postcard, a bookmark, a comic I  think they’d like…anything goes if I can put a stamp on it.  Also, I will send one postcard a day through Postcrossing, a hobby I’ve enjoyed these last 5 years.

Here’s a few things I have for inspiration.  Maybe on my next post I’ll share my postcard collection.  I have hundreds of postcards just waiting to be mailed to the right person.  Maybe you will be one of them!

IMG_1539In addition to my 10,000 steps, I’ll also be taking another crack at 7 glasses of water a day.