Book a Day – Not Quite Ready for Mysticism

Book a Day – Not Quite Ready for Mysticism


First day that G has been in school since the month started so I was able to get my book read by noon 🙂

G read Summer by Bobby Lynn Maslen and John R Maslen

His assessment – Molly and her Mom got into the pond because they were hot.  (Way to spoil the end, son :))


I read a memoir that was sent to me by a publicist, The Reluctant Mystic: Autobiography of an Awakening by Nancy Torgrove Clasby.

I am not well-versed in mystics or healers, but was willing to be educated because this book was short, 110 pages.  One day this mother of three young children was in a session with her massage therapist, when the world opened up to her.

“I was on the table, fully clothed, and he was working at my head.  All of a sudden, my body started to shake, and it felt like I left my body.  My eyes were wide open, so I could see the room I was in, but I could also see through what I later found out was my “third eye,” which is an invisible energy center everyone has that sits in the middle of the forehead and is the seat of intuition.”  page 7

She sought out the advice of those around her and found supporters, including a rabbi, reverend and doctor, that would help push her in the right direction.  She learned to understand her gifts more clearly and spend the next 20 years as a healer.  I admit that much of it was too much for me, in part because it was new, no doubt.  But she was sincere and truly open and how rare is that?  She included pages written by her mentors, but the bulk of it was stories about some of her patients.  She included some different meditations at the end that left me feeling wonderful.  I love meditation and don’t do it often enough.

I can’t say I was the target audience but I’m glad I read something out of my comfort zone.  I feel a little more enlightened 🙂


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