A Book a Day, Day 17, Best Staged Plans

A Book a Day, Day 17, Best Staged Plans

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” -Nate Berkus


It’s raining, it’s pouring, this old mom is inside writing.  I’m sitting at a folding plastic table that we’ve been using for a kitchen table for over two months. Why?  I had the great idea that if we sold our table at our July garage sale it would force us to buy one quickly.  Haha.  We only just agreed on one this week and it won’t be delivered until October 6.  I doubt that Sandy Sullivan, the home stager in Best Staged Plans by Claire Cook, would be impressed.  But that’s okay because she wasn’t my cup of tea either.

What’s it about – Sandy has a husband and two grown children and is living in an old house in the Boston suburbs that she wants to sell.  Her daughter lives in Atlanta and miraculously her best friend’s boyfriend just bought a hotel there that could use a home stager?  Yeah.  She heads off in a huff, telling her husband not to call until their house was ready to sell, and maintains the attitude for much of  the book.

What did I learn – She did talk a lot about staging, not anything you didn’t know if you’ve watched any HGTV, but it’s always good to be reminded. She even listed her top tips at the end: de-clutter, scrub, move things from the wall, rotate accessories, lights, mirrors, warm and neutral paint, decorate in groups of three, drop the frames.  All good reminders if you want to freshen up your house.

Who would like it – Well, maybe it lost something in the narration because I did listen to the first half in the car, because I have Goodreads friends who really liked it.  The intended audience would be midlife women who like to see their stories told with humor.  For me, and next month I’ll be 45 so I fit the right age group, I just could not get myself to like Sandy and her perceived troubles.

Tonight is going to be a great college football night in our house. Ohio State at Oklahoma and Michigan State at Notre Dame.  Here’s hoping that Brutus and Sparty represent!


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