Book a Day Challenge, year 2

Book a Day Challenge, year 2

Last year my first challenge for this blog was to read a book a day for the month of September. I was successful and had fun doing it.  This September I’m also going to be reading a book a day (I’ve decided to focus on memoir/bio and classics that I have on my shelves) but I’m also adding a twist…drumroll please…

IMG_1387 (2)G-man is going to join me!  Reading has been a real struggle for him and it wasn’t until he went to Kumon this summer that we saw real progress.  He is comfortable reading the early readers books and I’m okay with that.  I want him to feel successful and be proud of himself for reading a book a day like mom.  His only rule is that the book will be new to him so I’ll be hitting the library more often.  If that’s even possible.

Here’s what we read today…

Kittens by Bobby Lynn Maslen, pictures by John R. Maslen

G’s review- The cat was sad that she lost her six kittens.

Favorite part- When she found her kittens.

(In his defense that was about all that happened :))


Love that Boy:What Two Presidents. Eight Road Trips, and My Son Taught Me About a Parent’s Expectations by Ron Fournier

This book  came about when reporter, Fournier, and his wife learned that their 12 year-old son had Asperger’s (from watching the TV show Parenthood.  Go Bravermans!)  As his wife started to assemble a team to help their son, Fournier, took him on a series of road trips to visit Presidential libraries and museums, something Tyler was really interested in.  This was a journey about a father finding his son.

I’m going to start with a few quotes that I marked…

“Parenthood is the last chance to be the person we hoped to be.” page 4

“But first I had to learn to love my boy for who he was, rather than what I wanted him to be.” page 9

“Parents must ask themselves this question:Do I simply accept my kids for who they are, or do I push them to become their best selves?” page 26

Fournier did connect with his son and through their experiences and I was also able to see G in a new light.  Each chapter starts with a short recap of what was important at each stop and then followed by personal stories or insight gained from the multitude of books out there.  He interviewed people he knew and even those he didn’t.  Because of his 20 years as AP Washington Bureau Chief, he was able to introduce his son to three Presidents.  I didn’t like George W. Bush as President, but the way he’s conducted himself since leaving office impresses me.  He met Tyler twice and both times it brought tears to my eyes.  He is a genuinely good human being.  Bill Clinton didn’t fare as well and, to be honest, I’m uncomfortable with parents putting labels on other people. Fournier pretty much said that Clinton was an Aspie.  I know it was to make a connection to his son, but still made me uncomfortable.  Tyler only met Barack and Michelle Obama at a receiving line, but he was able to talk to him for a few minutes.  How exciting for a young man who loves Presidents to be able to meet three (so far)!

Anyway, first and foremost, this is a parenting book.  Every parent should read it.  This is not just about kids on the autism spectrum, this is about ALL kids.  And the parents who love them.




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  1. Gage, I am so glad the book KIttens had a happy ending! We all have sad moments at times and it is nice when things can work out in the end. Hope you enjoy seeking out and exploring new stories with your Mom this month.

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