Book a Day Challenge – A Strange Classic!

Book a Day Challenge – A Strange Classic!

IMG_1427 (2)You’d think that with a book less than 200 hundred pages I may have finished before 10:15 pm, but no such luck.  G read his right after we took this picture.  He’s finally starting to gain some confidence, yay!  I read a paperback copy with small print and I have a bit of a headache, so I see glasses in my future.  I’m a little amazed I’ve made it to 45 without them.

G read Funny Bunny by Bobby Lynn Maslen and John R Maslen

What he said it was about – A fox (Lox) wants to eat two rabbits but he’s out of luck.

I read Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.

I haven’t read Vonnegut since Slaughterhouse-Five in college, a book I disliked.  So, imagine my surprise when I found myself charmed by this one.  The father of the hydrogen bomb made something even more deadly and, left in the hands of his three children, the fate of the world is in peril.  Jonah, a writer and our narrator, finds himself drawn into the lives of these offspring and sent on an adventure that would leave the world changed forever.  This book was a hoot in its absurdity, but pointed in its observations of humanity.

I want to write a proper review and will link to it here after I post it tomorrow.

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