Book a Day Challenge – It’s a double down day

Book a Day Challenge – It’s a double down day

Last night I finished The War of the Worlds at 10:45 and just wanted to get ready for bed after that.  Of course, no sleep was had until midnight but I tried.  G and I are both 7 for 7 with this challenge.


Yesterday I read The War of the Worlds by HG Wells.

First published in 1897 in a series of magazine articles, this sci-fi classic has not been out of print since and has spawned a number of movies.  I loved Wells’ The Time Machine and was looking forward to this one about an alien invasion of England.  His writing always takes me a few chapters to get into a rhythm, but then I don’t even notice that the pre-1900 language.  Aliens from Mars head down to earth and somehow they are able to start killing at will and the people in the area don’t even seem that concerned.  The protagonist somehow managed to come out unscathed and with his life seemingly intact.

I was expecting to like it, but found myself a little bogged down in the geography and details. But I did love the old school, 1980 edition I had on my shelves!

G read Monkey, Where are You? by David Martin and Scott Nash.  There’s no review because he moved on too fast for me.


Today I finished listening to A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston. It was read by Cranston himself and it was 8 cds. I love when actors read their own books!  I did watch one season of Breaking Bad and have seen him in other things, but I wouldn’t have picked this one up unless someone on the book blog recommended it.  Cranston’s dad was an actor and left his three kids when they were young.  Cranston and his brother survived their childhood together, living with relatives, traveling overseas, and taking motorcycle road trip across America.  Cranston has led a very bold and ambitious life and he pulls no punches.  It started a little slow, but for most of this book his stories made me laugh out loud or have a motherly concern for his wellbeing. If you are at all interested in reading about the acting life or love Walter White then this will a good fit for you.  Perfect for a road trip with the hubby or wife, but not suitable for kids. Lots of language and sex.

G read Fun! by Peg Ballard and Cynthia Amoroso.  He was very frustrated with it because he didn’t know a word or two on about a third of the pages.  This boy is a perfectionist. sigh.

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