Book a Day Challenge – Days 16-17

Book a Day Challenge – Days 16-17

Okay, I’m here to do a bit of catching up before I get back to reading my book for the day.  Life has been busy and finding the time to read has been a struggle, but I will prevail.  I finished two books on Monday because I didn’t finish one on Sunday I chose a fun date night downtown with the hubby instead and he even put me up in a fancy hotel, woohoo :))  Anyhoo, here’s what we’ve been reading.



We’re looking at the computer because his teacher assigned him a book to read online so we counted it as his daily book.  It was called Fog by John Rousselle and he did a good job.  Unlike his mama, he prefers the nonfiction, give-me-the-facts books.

I listened to Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah. I don’t keep up with Comedy Central’s The Daily Show much since Jon Stewart left, but I have seen Trevor and he’s good.  He’s smart and I love smart guys.  Also, as some of you may remember, we were able to have three Africans who were attending Mandela training here in the US over for dinner one night this summer and one of them was from South Africa, so I felt a real connection with Trevor and the stories from his home country.  Trevor’s honesty and humor about his early life during apartheid was shocking. His mother is black and his father is white.  Reading how he could not walk with his dad to the park or grocery shop with his mother made me so sad.  The memoir ended too soon and I wish it had been longer.  But now he can write another book and earn another payday.

IMG_1608G read Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.  This one was long with lots of words so I read it to him twice before I made him try it.  It’s a great book and I highly recommend.  A mother and child plant flowers, plants and flowers every year to make a rainbow in their garden when everything blooms.

I finished The Color Purple by Alice Walker and I loved it.  Honestly, it was one of those classics like 1984 that I thought would not live up to the hype.  Only it did.  It exceeded expectations and now I’m anxious to get my hands on the movie. I want to spend more time with Celie and Sofia and Shug and Nettie.  I kind of want to read it again right now.  In 1930’s Georgia what kind of life did black women lead?  Still relevant and still addictingly readable.


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  1. Born a Crime has been on my list since it came out. I think I’ll get it on audible or from my library and listen to it rather than read it. I really love it when people read their own memoirs. Amy Schumer’s was excellent to listen to.

    Good luck, Gage!

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