Book a Day Challenge – Day 23

Book a Day Challenge – Day 23

I could do more reviews, but I’ve got to wait until G gets home to catch up on the pictures of the books we’ve read.

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G read I See A Cat and it was fun and easy and he enjoyed it.

I read What Would Martin Say? by Clarence B. Jones and Joel Engel.

I think I won this copy in a giveaway when it first came out…in 2008.  It looked interesting, but not interesting enough.  Now that I’ve finished it I feel much the same way.  It started so strong and I was loving it and then somewhere around the halfway point (on immigration) he lost me.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man taken to soon by a madman’s bullet (too common even today because of the NRA). What would have happened if he lived (would he still be attending RNC conferences?)?  How different would America look?  See what I did here by adding pointless political comments that add nothing to the conversation?  Clarence B. Jones, King’s personal lawyer for eight years, couldn’t seem to stop from adding these asides to illuminate the Republican party in a positive light. The first half was so interesting and I loved the behind the scenes look at history.  It led to great discussions with Jason as I was reading.  This was pretty much a play by play of the conservative view of race and how it should be handled.  I recognized all of the talking points, but the stories and the ease of the storytelling made it fresh.  Then halfway in he turned to immigration, anti-Semitism, and terrorism and it felt more like Jones justifying how he felt and using King to do so.  The problem is that these are different problems than when Martin was alive and Jones was too adamant about putting words in King’s mouth, understandable since he helped write King’s speeches.  I no longer felt like he was channeling King.

So, it was a mixed bag for me.  I loved the history and personal stories.  The beginning about how King recruited him was fun and also showed a lot about King himself.  It was worth reading for sure, but it did disappoint in the end, not because I agreed or disagreed, but because he never really convinced me that he knew with certainty what Kings’ views would be.  It was a discussion starter for sure.

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