Book a Day Challenge – When company calls

Book a Day Challenge – When company calls

Jason’s father and stepmother are visiting from Michigan so this will be brief.  How could I read a book when there’s company you ask?  I stayed awake cleaning the house and listening to an audio book after my guys went to sleep.  Finished it at 2:15 this morning 🙂

IMG_1393 (2)

G read Hop and Tap written by Lynn Maslen Kertell and pictures by Dana Sullivan

Dot and Sam can do various things.  Not much to it.


I listened to When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.  It was read by Sunil Malhotra and Cassandra Campbell. 5.5 hours.

Paul was a neurosurgeon resident and found out he had stage 4 lung cancer at the age of 36.  Between his diagnosis and his death he wrote this book about living.  Paul was able to choose two paths in his shorten life, as a writer in his youth and at the end of his life and his calling as a neurosurgeon in the middle.  I loved his relationship with literature and science and how he strived to make meaning of them both.  The world lost a great doctor and human being when he passed and I can only hope his words will inspire other young people to follow in his path.  A beautiful book about life and death and what to do with the time we have.



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