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Magazine Backlog Challenge – Roadtrip reading

Magazine Backlog Challenge – Roadtrip reading

The three of us took a 4 day road trip down to the Cincinnati area and I managed to squeak in some magazine reading.  I left them all behind at the hotel, but I read them 🙂

IMG_1007 IMG_1008 IMG_1109 IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1148

I found that Woman’s World is not my thing.  Two more showed up while we were gone…

IMG_1159I’m hoping  that when Gage goes back to school next week I can knock this challenge out, but I’m so far behind.  Whatever doesn’t get read gets recycled so that’s my incentive.

Magazine Backlog Challenge – 9 more in the books

Magazine Backlog Challenge – 9 more in the books

I said at the beginning at the challenge that The Week is my favorite magazine and for good reason. It really does have a little bit of everything.  Wanna give it a try?  I have a free subscription to give away to the first person who leaves a comment 🙂

Can you see these well enough? Do I need to make them larger?


week1week2week3weekpollPolls like this make me fear for democracy.





If you want any of these sent your way just leave me a comment and I’ll stick them in the mailbox – on my dime.

Magazine Backlog Challenge – 3 days in and 4 magazines read

Magazine Backlog Challenge – 3 days in and 4 magazines read

At this rate I won’t finish so I need to pick up the pace!  I read last week’s New Yorker and after reading the first page of some of their longer articles I skimmed or skipped the rest.  I was surprised by how long it took me to read the whole First for Women.  I’m not sure you can beat it at 120 pages for $2.99.  I read the April Cleveland magazine.  Since much of it is time sensitive I hate when I get behind like this.


See any that you want just leave me a comment and I’ll get it to you 🙂

Magazine Backlog Challenge

Magazine Backlog Challenge

I’ve had some very challenging challenges so far this year and wanted to find something that would benefit the household for this month.  I thought about a decluttering challenge and ultimately decided on something more specific.  This is my stack of unread magazines just from 2017…magpileThere are 53 here.  I have the best of intentions but don’t seem to make enough of an effort.  So, my goal this month is to get through all of these magazines, plus any that show up in the mailbox this month.  Here’s how they break down.magbreakdownNew Yorker-20 (I LOVE the New Yorker but they take so long to read!), Better Homes & Gardens-6, HGTV-6, The Week-4 (easily my favorite magazine), Vanity Fair-5, Cleveland Magazine-4, ADDitude-3, The Writer-3, Woman’s World-1 & First for Women-1 (both given to me by a neighbor).

I don’t want to skim them all in a day and pat myself on the back so my only rule is that I must read at least the first page of every article, but I must read every article.  This will save me time with the New Yorkers for sure.  I also plan on posting about them here and sharing things I learned and articles I loved.

I didn’t think this challenge would be that hard, but I didn’t finish my first magazine until 10:30 pm!

1-TheWriterJuly 2017

I receive this magazine because of the spring magazine drive at Gage’s school. I wanted to get something a little different.  In addition to what I noted I can honestly say that I had no idea there were so many literary magazines!  Want a taste?  Here’s a link to the social media article I liked.

For the month I will be happy to put any magazine in the mail to you for free, just leave me a comment if you’d like to give it a try.


New Workout Challenge Workout Wrap Up

New Workout Challenge Workout Wrap Up

I went back to my first post this month to see what I was hoping to get out of this month because as the month moves forward it’s easy to lose track of my ultimate goals.

I am going to try a different exercise video every day this month either through You Tube or DVDs from the library.  I’m hoping to make it a habit AND by trying different things find a few that I almost might enjoy 🙂

I’m proud to say that I accomplished this.  I think once Gage starts school again and I can do this in the morning at the same time five days a week that the habit part will be easier, but I totally rocked finding different workouts I enjoyed.  I think I had envisioned doing  a hard core workout everyday without taking into account the fact that I am completely out of shape and overweight.  So, I did modify, because I had to, and choose shorter and lower impact workouts.  The good thing is that I found quite a few videos that were right at my activity level and fun.

I did decide after the first few workouts to only do YouTube videos since they were so easy to access on the TV.  I love that Gage often joined me or watched me exercise.  We talked about how I was trying to be healthier and it led to good lessons – for both of us!  I found out that I really need to invest in a good sports bra.  At the risk of sharing too much information, I want to be honest if you were going to try this yourself 😉  It was a good month and I have every intention of adding these workouts into my daily schedule.  I found some short ones that make it impossible to use excuses.

I didn’t get to try the Pilates one that Carol recommended, but I promise I will!

So, here are my five favorites for the month.  These are ones that are at my level right now and  I plan on doing again.  I’ve even subscribed to the channels for more of the same.

I’ve actually done this one a few times this month 🙂

Loved Lucy and will be trying more of her walking workouts.

Difficult but super fun!

I could do all of the moves and it got my heart rate up.

I’m surprised that there are two dance ones on the list, but this was fun.

Days 1-2

Day 3

Days 4-5

Days 6-8

Days 9-11

Days 12-15

Days 16-19

Days 20-24

Days 25-30

New Workout Challenge – Days 25-30

New Workout Challenge – Days 25-30

I know today is the 30th, but I was gone this weekend and since tomorrow is the 31st and I have an extra day I decided to do the last workout tomorrow.  I’m just happy I’ve made it this far.  Here are the ones I did these past few days.

Easy does it mile walk while Jessica talks about nature and what we can learn from it.  This was a little too simple for my tastes, but for the days when you want to move but need to take it easy it would be okay. Like taking a quick walk with a friend.  My favorite quote she included, Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished – Lao Tzu

I loved Kathy Smith back in the day and needed a very quick, low impact workout so I pulled this up.  It is just the warm up for another of her workouts, but it was good.  Now I’ll have to see what else she has on You Tube.

Oh my goodness!  Because I watched Kathy Smith the day before this is what You Tube recommended for me, lol.  This was such a fun, hysterical blast to the past for this 80’s girl.  The workout was actually quite hard for me (there were things my body could not do), but this was fun(ny) anyway.

Loved  this one and will do it again.  Twenty minutes and low impact. I loved the simple moves that sill got my heart rate up.

This month has heightened my interest in tai chi so I thought I’d try my fourth tai chi video this month.  Don’t know much about it?  Listen to her explanation in the first few minutes.  I ran through this twice trying to get the move right.  This doesn’t represent the two that were for meditative practice, but I did like how she broke down the movements.

Adding this one I did on the 31st.  I’m not feeling well today so this one was all I could handle. It says warm up but I think that’s only because it was 10 minutes. This was a workout for me!


New Workout Challenge – Days 20-24

New Workout Challenge – Days 20-24

Busy, busy , busy.  And I’m a little bit broken.  My knees have been bothering me for a week (because I tend to work out in bare feet I’m guessing) and I hurt my back a bit by moving some big boxes of books at the library.  I’m trying to make the workouts a little easier and lower impact for now.  It didn’t occur to me when I started this challenge that my never-workout-body might revolt when I put it through the ringer every day.

After I first complained that I don’t dance I have found these dance workouts the most fun.  Still can’t do all the moves in a timely fashion but who cares?  This was a dance class that had fun routines for upbeat songs.  They have more and I’d try them again.

I was able to convince Jason to try Tai Chi with me, but he wasn’t as crazy about it as I was.  To be fair, he’d already played tennis for and hour and a half and was tired.  Also, this workout wasn’t as good as the one I did earlier this month by the same instructor.

I really liked this workout and the coach.  I loved that he talked all through and got breathless and sweat.  Sometime these videos are edited so that they don’t show all of that.  I couldn’t do all the moves for sure, but I kept moving.  Don’t think I could do this for 30 days but I liked it enough to do it again.

I would almost feel bad about including this one if my body hadn’t needed a break.  The yoga was fine and the last 5 minutes were spent lying on the floor 🙂

New Workout Challenge – days 16-19

New Workout Challenge – days 16-19

I’m going to catch up tonight or else it won’t happen until next week.  We’ve got a short summer road trip and I need to pack (for everyone in the house!).  Anyway, I got behind somehow, and needed to do 2 workouts on 2 different days.  No biggie.  I just shortened them.

I am not a dancer, but this was really fun! Simone broke down the routine into learnable steps, there were only a few at the end that I was too tired to keep up with.  I would totally do this again even though it was hard.  I think she’s done other videos with PopSugar and I’d like to try them.  Maybe I could learn to dance like Beyonce after all 🙂

I was going to try and avoid repeat coaches, but I just loved Lucy and the walking workout so much that I wanted to try another.  This was 10 minute cardio and 5 minutes ab workout.  I didn’t love it as much as the first, but I still felt good and happy when I finished.

My knees are starting to bother me a little, so I wanted something a little easier on the body so I don’t breakdown before the month is up.  I liked this one.  I’m not sure I’d do it again, but maybe because it is low impact and it did get my heart rate up.

Yesterday I had to combine two.  I started with the yoga and found it  a little too advanced for me and I only made it 10 minutes, so I did the Tai chi one and discovered it taught you two moves.  Not really much of a workout, but I did like the way he broke it down so I got it right (I think).  I’m calling the two of them combined one workout.

New Workout Challenge – Days 12-15, short but sweet

New Workout Challenge – Days 12-15, short but sweet

Ack! I’m getting behind in posting these workouts.  I’ll write until Gage is sleeping and it’s Mom and Dad time 🙂 I was feeling unmotivated so I tried some shorter workouts and they were great.  I refuse to feel bad that they were short. I was moving and I’m moving every day.

This was interesting. At first I disliked the fake instructor and fake voice, but there were some thing to like too.  It showed a difficult and easy version, but the part I liked best was that it showed things that you might be doing wrong.  I found myself correcting myself often.

I had high hopes for this one, but was a bit disappointed.  The instructor had a lovely English accent and was full of energy.  And then after a few minutes he would show you what to do and then stop and go between the two women actually doing the workout and tell them what to do.  If I were one of them I might have punched him.  Otherwise it was a good, solid interval workout and I liked it well enough.

This was not a hard workout, but I loved it.  I loved Lucy, the instructor.  I loved the walking. I love her motivational advice sprinkled throughout the workout. It was so upbeat and I felt happy after finishing, even if I didn’t break a bit sweat.

Oh dear.   If there was ever  a girl who could use a little rhythm it’s me.  It did not help that Jason was eating lunch and watching me do these very sexy moves with interest.  This was fun, but not something I’d do often, but I’m an old lady.  It will give you confidence and make you feel your feminine power 🙂


New Workout Challenge – Days 9-11

New Workout Challenge – Days 9-11

It’s been a crazy week, but I don’t want to get any more behind in posting these.  On Sunday we had neighbors over in the evening so I really didn’t want to take the time for a full workout.  Too much cleaning and shopping to do!  And then on Monday I was not feeling well (cramps) so I went easy.  I tried pilates on Tuesday and realized, without much surprise, that I really don’t have one muscle under all that tummy fat. Not one.

I wanted a short one, but something worthwhile so I tried this.  Um, no.  Just no. Yes, it was only ten minutes but this was HARD!  Obviously, I probably only did one or two of the exercises correctly and for the full minute.  This girl’s got skills!

Not really a workout, but it does get you moving for those days when the thought of exercise make you want to order a pizza.  It was perfect for my under the weather day.

Okay, I really liked Amy and I would try more of her videos.  I couldn’t get a lot of these poses, as I mentioned above, I’m lacking a few muscles.  BUT I did follow along as best I could.  Maybe by the end of the month I can strengthen one teeny tint muscle in there 🙂