A Book a Day, Day 21, 31 Hours

A Book a Day, Day 21, 31 Hours

“Fanaticism and terrorism have no place in Islam.”  Feisal Abdul Rauf


31 Hours by Masha Hamilton was published in 2009, but the realities of home grown terrorism is just as relevant today.  It’s such a tricky subject because so many things go into the making of a terrorist that if you focus on one part, say the Islamic aspect, then you might lose sight of the many other pieces to the whole.  Anyway, this thriller was well reviewed by friends of mine, but I just couldn’t get into it. I started it few months ago and had the same problem but this time I powered through finishing at 11pm last night 🙂

What’s it about – It’s the story of a young American, Jonas, who has decided to strap on a bomb and blow up himself and others in the name of Allah.  It’s told from the alternating viewpoints of Jonas, his mother, girlfriend, his girlfriend’s sister and a homeless man.  Jonas’s decision and how he reached it was important but the focus wasn’t on Jonas, it was on everyone he was going to leave behind.

What I learned – I empathized with the homeless man who considered asking for money in the subway his job.  I empathized with the mother who knew something was wrong and blamed herself.  I learned that, as with any horrific act, there are people who need our support and understanding.

Who would like it – If you have any interest in martyrs or just like a good thriller this might be for you.

I’m 21/21! Tomorrow I leave for Boston for 3 days and will try my very best to finish a book a day.  I won’t blog until Sunday, but I’ll keep myself honest on my Facebook page.


One thought on “A Book a Day, Day 21, 31 Hours

  1. I can see why this book would be relevant to today. I read it 6 years ago and it made an impression on me. It reminded me a lot of The Attack by Yasmina Khadra, in which a doctor realizes he didn’t know his wife as well as he thought after she became a suicide bomber.

    Congratulations on your progress to meet your goal so far! You’re doing great, Stacy.

    Have a good time in Boston.

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