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Month: August 2017

Magazine Backlog Challenge Wrap-Up

Magazine Backlog Challenge Wrap-Up

Not all 30 challenges are fun to read about, sorry.  I had some fun ideas when the month began, but I just ran out of time to implement.  I was able to give away 2 subscriptions through the blog and Facebook Page so that’s a good thing.  When I started the month I had 53 magazines cluttering the house and amazingly 12 more found  their way into my mailbox, so I ended up reading 65 magazines this month!!  I’m feeling pretty good about that.  23 New Yorkers, 7 The Weeks, 7 HGTV, 7 Vanity Fairs, 7 Better Home & Gardens, 5 Cleveland Magazines, 4 The Writers, 3 ADDitudes, 1 Poets & Writers, 1 Woman’s World, 1 First For Women.

So obviously, I need to stop the clutter before it gets here and I’ve decided to give up several magazines that when read back to back made me realize that I just didn’t get enjoyment or knowledge from them.  I’ll be dropping HGTV, The Writer and Better Homes & Gardens.  Nothing wrong with them just don’t need them.

I am still madly in love with The Week, The New Yorker, and Vanity Fair. I also added a few new magazines that I love like Poets & Writers and ADDitude.

Here’s what the rest of what I haven’t posted already… If you want any of these sent your way, free of charge, just let me know.  They head to recycling tomorrow.

IMG_1358 IMG_1359 IMG_1360 IMG_1361 IMG_1362 IMG_1363

IMG_1364 IMG_1365 IMG_1366 IMG_1367 IMG_1368 IMG_1369IMG_1370 IMG_1371 IMG_1373 IMG_1374

Magazine Backlog Challenge

Magazine Backlog Challenge

Why do I have so many magazine subscriptions?!  Honestly, it’s ridiculous.  This challenge helped me see which ones are worth it and which ones I might cancel.  I know for sure I won’t be keeping HGTV and The Writer but I’ll have to see if I can pick one more.

So, let’s get to it.

IMG_1337IMG_1336  IMG_1329Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, Check it out!!!!


IMG_1326  IMG_1327


IMG_1332  IMG_1333  IMG_1334  IMG_1328  IMG_1331  IMG_1325


If you’re interested in me sending any of these to you. just leave a comment 🙂


Magazine Backlog Challenge – I’m in the weeds!

Magazine Backlog Challenge – I’m in the weeds!

So, I sent Gage off to first grade this morning and came home to figure out how I am going to complete this month’s magazine challenge. I have nine days so I made nine piles and just started filling them up.  Each day has two New Yorkers (yikes!) plus two or THREE other mags.  So, it looks like getting Gage on the bus and reading a few magazines while having coffee and breakfast are on the agenda for the next week.

When I started this challenge I made sure that I kept only magazines from 2017 (anything older was put in recycling immediately) and questioned whether to keep even those from January or February, but it was the February 6 New Yorker that make me happy I kept them.  I loved the story on bestselling children’s book author and illustrator Mo Willems!

IMG_1317  IMG_1315  IMG_1316  IMG_1308  IMG_1309

As always, if you would like me to send of these magazines your way just a comment and I’ll get it to you.

Magazine Backlog Challenge – slow going

Magazine Backlog Challenge – slow going

This past week has been a slow reading week. It’s G’s last week before school starts and I’ve been trying to cram in as much fun as possible.  Play dates, excursions, and eating out.  It’s been a great week and I’ll be sorry to see him start school.  Kinda makes me want to homeschool.  Anywhooo, I did manage to finish my 5 Vanity Fairs.  I had forgotten how much I love this glossy mag that has sexy ads AND great reporting about important issues.  This is by far my favorite photo from the article titled, A Fine Bromance in the September issue (the quality  doesn’t do it justice).


3The highlighted quote from the article, “In a triumph over age and hubris, Macron clasped Trump’s tiny appendage in a gallic bone-crusher death grip.” This sentence made me laugh out loud.

My favorite article was the Elon Musk one about Artificial Intelligence.  Excellent read.

IMG_1198 IMG_1197 IMG_1181 IMG_1180 IMG_1179

Magazine Backlog Challenge – Roadtrip reading

Magazine Backlog Challenge – Roadtrip reading

The three of us took a 4 day road trip down to the Cincinnati area and I managed to squeak in some magazine reading.  I left them all behind at the hotel, but I read them 🙂

IMG_1007 IMG_1008 IMG_1109 IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1148

I found that Woman’s World is not my thing.  Two more showed up while we were gone…

IMG_1159I’m hoping  that when Gage goes back to school next week I can knock this challenge out, but I’m so far behind.  Whatever doesn’t get read gets recycled so that’s my incentive.

Magazine Backlog Challenge – 9 more in the books

Magazine Backlog Challenge – 9 more in the books

I said at the beginning at the challenge that The Week is my favorite magazine and for good reason. It really does have a little bit of everything.  Wanna give it a try?  I have a free subscription to give away to the first person who leaves a comment 🙂

Can you see these well enough? Do I need to make them larger?


week1week2week3weekpollPolls like this make me fear for democracy.





If you want any of these sent your way just leave me a comment and I’ll stick them in the mailbox – on my dime.

Magazine Backlog Challenge – 3 days in and 4 magazines read

Magazine Backlog Challenge – 3 days in and 4 magazines read

At this rate I won’t finish so I need to pick up the pace!  I read last week’s New Yorker and after reading the first page of some of their longer articles I skimmed or skipped the rest.  I was surprised by how long it took me to read the whole First for Women.  I’m not sure you can beat it at 120 pages for $2.99.  I read the April Cleveland magazine.  Since much of it is time sensitive I hate when I get behind like this.


See any that you want just leave me a comment and I’ll get it to you 🙂

Magazine Backlog Challenge

Magazine Backlog Challenge

I’ve had some very challenging challenges so far this year and wanted to find something that would benefit the household for this month.  I thought about a decluttering challenge and ultimately decided on something more specific.  This is my stack of unread magazines just from 2017…magpileThere are 53 here.  I have the best of intentions but don’t seem to make enough of an effort.  So, my goal this month is to get through all of these magazines, plus any that show up in the mailbox this month.  Here’s how they break down.magbreakdownNew Yorker-20 (I LOVE the New Yorker but they take so long to read!), Better Homes & Gardens-6, HGTV-6, The Week-4 (easily my favorite magazine), Vanity Fair-5, Cleveland Magazine-4, ADDitude-3, The Writer-3, Woman’s World-1 & First for Women-1 (both given to me by a neighbor).

I don’t want to skim them all in a day and pat myself on the back so my only rule is that I must read at least the first page of every article, but I must read every article.  This will save me time with the New Yorkers for sure.  I also plan on posting about them here and sharing things I learned and articles I loved.

I didn’t think this challenge would be that hard, but I didn’t finish my first magazine until 10:30 pm!

1-TheWriterJuly 2017

I receive this magazine because of the spring magazine drive at Gage’s school. I wanted to get something a little different.  In addition to what I noted I can honestly say that I had no idea there were so many literary magazines!  Want a taste?  Here’s a link to the social media article I liked.

For the month I will be happy to put any magazine in the mail to you for free, just leave me a comment if you’d like to give it a try.


New Workout Challenge Workout Wrap Up

New Workout Challenge Workout Wrap Up

I went back to my first post this month to see what I was hoping to get out of this month because as the month moves forward it’s easy to lose track of my ultimate goals.

I am going to try a different exercise video every day this month either through You Tube or DVDs from the library.  I’m hoping to make it a habit AND by trying different things find a few that I almost might enjoy 🙂

I’m proud to say that I accomplished this.  I think once Gage starts school again and I can do this in the morning at the same time five days a week that the habit part will be easier, but I totally rocked finding different workouts I enjoyed.  I think I had envisioned doing  a hard core workout everyday without taking into account the fact that I am completely out of shape and overweight.  So, I did modify, because I had to, and choose shorter and lower impact workouts.  The good thing is that I found quite a few videos that were right at my activity level and fun.

I did decide after the first few workouts to only do YouTube videos since they were so easy to access on the TV.  I love that Gage often joined me or watched me exercise.  We talked about how I was trying to be healthier and it led to good lessons – for both of us!  I found out that I really need to invest in a good sports bra.  At the risk of sharing too much information, I want to be honest if you were going to try this yourself 😉  It was a good month and I have every intention of adding these workouts into my daily schedule.  I found some short ones that make it impossible to use excuses.

I didn’t get to try the Pilates one that Carol recommended, but I promise I will!

So, here are my five favorites for the month.  These are ones that are at my level right now and  I plan on doing again.  I’ve even subscribed to the channels for more of the same.

I’ve actually done this one a few times this month 🙂

Loved Lucy and will be trying more of her walking workouts.

Difficult but super fun!

I could do all of the moves and it got my heart rate up.

I’m surprised that there are two dance ones on the list, but this was fun.

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