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Month: June 2017

Golf Challenge Wrap-up

Golf Challenge Wrap-up


A week of travel and several days of pain (I hurt my back) delayed the conclusion of my golf challenge, but it’s finally in the books.  I shot 105, which was only 2 shots better than my opening round.  Considering my personal goal was to break 100, I feel a little disheartened.  Ironically, the part of my game I had the most confidence in, putting, was my greatest weakness.  I had a total of 45 puts in my closing round, which translates to a pathetic 2.5 puts per green.  That was 8 shots worse than my opening round on putting alone (ouch!).  In my opening round, I made 3 or 4 puts from over 10 feet, while in the closing round I don’t think I made anything from over 5 feet.

While I didn’t achieve my score goal, I do feel better about my game now.   Before I avoided work related golf events so I wouldn’t embarrass myself, but now I’d feel okay to play with other people watching.  So that’s some progress at least.

My biggest take-away from this challenge is to not over analyze your golf swing.  In other words, find a swing that feels comfortable for you and then stick with it and don’t keep making adjustments all the time.  About midway through the month, I was feeling good about my swing and then I took a lesson.  That lesson actually set me back about 2 weeks.  Because golf is hard, it’s tempting to keep making adjustments to try and get better.  The problem is that the adjustments might fix one part of your swing but then cause an issue somewhere else.  In conclusion, golf is difficult and if you want to improve, be prepared to work hard.


A month of Firsts

A month of Firsts

“Better die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions.”    -D.H. Lawrence

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This month (and possibly beyond) my challenge is inspired by the book I Dare Me by Luann Cahn. I read Leann’s story of a year of firsts and loved the idea of changing your life by doing one new thing, big or small, every single day.  The idea is to always be looking and open to the new opportunities around you every day.  I think she had a bit of an advantage because she was a reporter and things were open to her more easily, but there is still no reason why we all can’t do this on a scale that fits our own lives.

I started on June 1st but was on vacation so I’ve been keeping up-to-date on our Facebook page, My 30 Day Challenges.  I hope that you’ll follow along that way too.  Since we were on vacation those first few days the firsts were easy, but since then I’ve had to search them out a bit. I looked through the book for ideas and brainstormed when Gage was at camp this week.  I do want to push myself, but since Gage will be with me for the summer even the small things ( a new recipe, a new food…) will do the trick.

This may turn into a two month challenge.  We’ll see.  Anyone want to join me?

June 1st-Visited a skeleton museum

June 2nd-Family trip to Sea World Orlando

June 3rd-Flew Spirit Airlines and almost missed the plane!

June 4th-Read The New Yorker cover to cover (this needs to become a weekly thing.)

June 5th-Explored Richfield, where Gage is at camp.

June 6th-Ate chocolate covered espresso beans.