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Month: December 2016

A Random Act of Kindess Wrap Up

A Random Act of Kindess Wrap Up

Let me start with the good, Jason abandoned his Random Act of Kindness challenge early on and he gave me permission to use three of his so that I could complete my 30 🙂  The bad is that I have been cooped up in the house with G for a week and a half, the last week with me having awful, hacking coughs. 2016 is not ending quietly. G and I are still sick and mostly chilling out.  That’s why I don’t feel bad about using Jason’s acts of kindness, we’ll call it a family challenge since even G participated.

It’s not hard to do a random act of kindness and I made it harder than it should have been since I tried too hard to make it about money or stuff.  I like what Carol said on my last post about a stranger telling her that he liked her hair made her day.  I think this was a perfect challenge to honor the spirit of December, but you could start off 2017 by giving it a try.

Here’s what I did to finish the month…

20-I had $3.45 left on my Orvis gift card and I gave it to the next person in line.

21-Sent a $10 gift card with my bill to a  local small business run by a woman doing right by kids with music.

22-Left a bag of snacks for my mailman.

23-Gage and I both chose 5 books to donate to the library book sale.

24-Gave a generous donation to the nursery that provides the model train set up every December.  Gage went twice this year.

25-Because of our sickness we didn’t travel to Michigan like we were scheduled to do so we were home when our neighbor stopped by to ask us to get his mail while he and his wife were out of town for the Ohio State-Clemson playoff game. (this is a stretch but when you’re housebound the opportunities are limited)

26-I was short $2 paying a sitter yesterday so  I gave her a $25 iTunes gift card.

27-When  I went to the library to pick up stuff I’d requested I took the two $1’s I had in my purse and placed them in 2 books, lol.  I plan on checking to see how long they stay there.  When do you think the next check out for Ethan Frome will be?

28-Jason spent 3 hours cleaning my car from the inside out and changing my oil 🙂

29-He brought these home one nightimg_1859

30-In my FAVORITE act of kindness Jason took Gage two houses over and raked up leaves for an hour.  The house has recently sold but no one had moved in yet and we were about to get our first snow. img_1849The neighbors moved in just before Christmas but we’ve been too sick to meet them.

Challenge completed, tag team style 🙂



A Random Act of Kindness – Week Three

A Random Act of Kindness – Week Three

December is the month of giving and receiving.  I like to both give and receive, but have found myself embarrassed when I try to do something nice for a complete stranger.  Like at Lowe’s yesterday.  I had a gift card that we had earned from our credit card company and I bought what I could for Christmas gifts only to find I had $35 left on the card.  I hadn’t done an act of kindness yesterday so I just told the cashier to use it for the next person.  Now, I could have turned around and wished the man a Merry Christmas, but for some reason I was embarrassed.  Don’t know why.  I had no problem giving a Target gift card to a pregnant cashier at my grocery store, but I talk to her every time I’m in there.  She’s due next month and told me that she was taking any hand me downs if I knew anyone because she hadn’t purchased anything.  I didn’t know anyone, but as I looked through my wallet I saw a Target gift card that still had $100 on it so I gave it to her. These were two big ticket acts of kindness and they felt good, but one was embarrassing and one wasn’t.

Here’s what else I’ve done this week.

12th- Gave iTunes gift card to music therapist.

13th- Left my change on the counter at Chipotle, offering it to the next woman in line.  I think it was 66 cents, lol.

14th- Donated a kids book to a local charity through Barnes & Noble.

15th- Gave the Target gift card to cashier

16th-Did this at the library on a cold, cold day. I planned ahead and took the post it note 🙂


17th- I consider this teaching random acts of kindness. We went to a local holiday event at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Glow, and met friends.  Gage wanted to buy these bells.  I told him I would buy them but he would have to pay me back out of his piggy bank.  He said okay.  As we were leaving I encouraged him to open them and offer one to his friend so that they both had a memento from the day.  He did.  I’m counting it because I’ve got nothing else.  Here they are.  I really want these trees for our house next year!


18th- Gave leftover money on Lowe’s gift card to next customer.

19th- When I renewed my subscription to Better Homes & Gardens they offered me two free subscriptions. I offered them up on Facebook and within five minutes had two takers.


Today, when Gage and I stopped in a restaurant bar and ordered a lemonade for Gage and a Diet Coke for me, the bartender said they were on the house.  What goes around goes around 🙂  Any random acts of kindness come your way this week?



A Random Act of Kindness – Week 2

A Random Act of Kindness – Week 2

December is a crazy month for most of us.  Shopping, wrapping, parties, celebrations…I didn’t want to choose something overly difficult this month, but I did want to make it worthwhile.  I wanted to be in the mindset of looking for ways to give or to help.  Last week I was so busy (volunteered 3 days at Gage’s school, Jason’s holiday party and went back to Heath for the weekend for the family Christmas party) and I survived only to look at this week and see much of the same.  Tis the season!

Here’s what I managed to do last week…

5th-A friend returned some romance books that she’d borrowed and I gave her some of the swag that I received at the Avon Kissathon last month.

img_9395This is a picture of all of it.  She got the sexy notebooks and a bag.

6th-I had a high schooler come and craft with Gage and I gave her a tip 🙂

7th-Mom and I went to the West Side Market for her birthday.  It was cold and there was woman in a wheelchair outside collecting money for a homeless organization.  On one our trips out  we took her a hot chocolate (and gave a donation).

8th-It was 20 degrees, snowy, windy and dark.  After I was done shopping, I collected shopping carts from around the parking lot and took them back in.

9th-A neighbor put a call out for a family in need so I dropped off some money so she could make their holiday more cheerful.

10th-I saw the cutest cat wine bottle at World Market and thought of someone I’d be seeing at the family Christmas.  We do not buy gifts for each other but do a gift exchange raffle instead, but I bought the wine wrapped it up and put it under the tree from Santa.  She did guess it was me, but I was her second choice 🙂

11th-Prepped two books to mail to a book blogger friend (it could be you!).  Hope to get  to the post office in the next few days.

So, nothing major, just finding something every day that will make someone else’s day just a little bit brighter.   Mondays are usually my only days to take a deep breath around here so I need to try to do better planning for this week today.

Have you done any of your own random acts of kindness this week?  Do tell!


A Random Act of Kindness – Tis the season of giving

A Random Act of Kindness – Tis the season of giving

December is here and with it a new challenge.  Without consulting each other Jason and I both started the same challenge on the first – a random act of kindness every day.  Jason’s take is a little different than mine and he can explain that when he posts.

I will do a random act of kindness with the holiday season in mind.  For instance on the first day I went to buy Gage’s advent calendar books at Barnes & Noble.  They had sent me a whole page of coupons and I used three.  I passed one out to someone in line, 20% off, and put the others in the areas where they could be used.  Were they? No idea, but it was all I had time for that day. I just need to look for ways to give.  I hate to say money, because we don’t have that kind of money, but looking at what I had in the coupon/gift card, misc. token drawer I found it easy to get started.

1- Passed out Barnes & Noble coupons at the store.

2-Took my mom for a mom/daughter  mani-pedi.  This may seem a little self serving, but I was going anyway and there is no one more deserving of a mani-pedi than her.

3-We bid on a basket at a charity event and were surprised at all of the gift cards that were in there.  There was one for a mani-pedi (are you sensing a theme?)in Rocky River, not terribly far, but not around the corner either.  One our way to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend we stopped at Aladdin’s for lunch and it was down the street from the Salon.  Wouldn’t you know our waiter was the only guy working in the place!  I decided to give it to him and he was so happy.  I said something like “I know it’s not probably your first choice” and he said “Oh, no, I’ll take anything!” He was very excited and I was happy to give it to someone who might like to give his mom or girlfriend something special for Christmas. Or maybe he’ll use it himself 🙂  It came in a cute little gift box, right?


4-We got back late in the afternoon yesterday and I really didn’t want to go back out just for the challenge so I wrote a note to someone who has been with us on Gage’s journey since he was two. We love her and I sent her a note telling her so.  In the spirit of giving I found a $10 Amazon gift card that I had extra from last year and placed it in the card.  I bet it will be spent on her fur-babies or the kids who love her 🙂

Now, I need to find a way to finish the challenge without going broke!

NaNoWriMo Wrap Up – I wrote a book!

NaNoWriMo Wrap Up – I wrote a book!

nanowrimo2  nanowrimo

I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am of the crazy, terrible book I finished last night.  For me, the challenge of completing a book in a month had nothing to do with getting published.  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.  I just wanted to know that I could do it.  That I could create good characters and have multiple storylines that were interesting and worked together. I needed to know that I could pace the story so that I didn’t run out of material at 30,000 words.  I wanted to know I that I could do it. I did and I admit that I am feeling quite accomplished 🙂

Now, this book is 50% hot mess, 25% boring, and 25% pretty darn good.  I was bored with my own book for the first 10,000 words which is probably why I fell so far behind.  And then I got serious and put in some time and moved forward, BUT it wasn’t until the halfway point that things got fun for me.  In the last three days of November I wrote just over 20,000 words.  I averaged about 1,000 words an hour (that’s with 10-15 minute getting up and moving break) so I spent almost 7 hours a day writing in those last three days.  I finished last night around 10:30. Nothing gets me working like a deadline.

You all voted on the heroine and hero name.  Laurel won and she was a young woman who spent years avoiding home only to find herself back with her anger and mistakes staring her in the face.  You all voted for Grant for the hero and I tried.  I promise I tried, but my guy was not a Grant.  My guy was a Mitch (your second place choice) and he was awesome.  He had a son with autism which his not something that I knew when I started.  I also thought that Laurel’s ex was going to be a total jerk, but he redeemed himself and that was nice. Laurel was supposed to have a best friend but when she ran into trouble she called her aunt instead and I fell in love with Aunt Joy and I had no idea she’d be in the story at all.  So, as you can see, I flew by the seat of my pants and by the end was having a blast.

Someone on Facebook told me it took a strong mind to do what I did, but I think it takes a stubborn mind.  That and a dash of fear of failure because I had already failed October’s challenge and I wasn’t going to fail two in a row!  So, if anyone has ever called you stubborn and you’ve ever had imaginary conversations in your head then you could do this too!  Next November NaNoWriMo will be back and I want some of you to sign up!  Who knows, maybe I’ll even try it again 🙂